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Diane Birth Control

Diane Birth Control

Diane-35 known as Dianette in some countries is a combination of progestogen-oestrogen which is used for prevention of undesirable pregnancy and androgenisation in the woman. Diane-35 is a medicine of chose for women who prefer hormonal birth control and who suffer from acne and androgen-dependent diseases.

Diane Birth Control




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Drug Name

Diane Birth Control

Drug Uses

Diane-35 birth control medicine provides several ways to prevent pregnancy, the most important of which is ovulation inhibition o and change the viscosity of cervical mucus. Along with ant androgenic properties, cyproterone has progestogenic activity. Cyproterone works by inhibiting the secretion of pituitary gonadotropin-releasing hormone and inhibits ovulation, causing a contraceptive effect. At the same time Ethinylestradiol enhances central and peripheral effect of cyproterone on ovulation, retains a high viscosity of cervical mucus, making it difficult penetration of sperm cells into the uterus. Diane-35 guarantees almost 100% protections from undesirable pregnancy. As with all combined oral contraceptives, Diane-35 has a positive effect on the non-contraceptive health. Menstruation becomes easier and shorter, which reduces the risk of iron deficiency anemia, pain in dysmenorrhea become less pronounced or disappear entirely.

Drug Class Mechanism

Diane-35 ED should be taken regularly in order to achieve therapeutic efficacy and the needed contraceptive protection. Previously used hormonal oral birth control pills should be discontinued. The dose regimen of Diane-35 is similar to other birth control medicine. The irregular use of Diane-35 may result in intermenstrual bleeding and could decrees the therapeutic and birth control effects.

How Taken

One tablet of Diane-35 should to be taken daily. The tablets must be taken in the order directed on the pack at about the same time every day, with some liquid as needed. You should take tablets for 21 days starting with a tablet corresponding to that day of the week. Thereafter, one tablet is taken daily, following the arrows marked on the pack, until all tablets have been taken. Each subsequent pack is started the day after the last tablet of the previous pack was taken.

Missed Dose

Try to follow your treatment schedule. If you miss a dose do not use the doubled dose. Apply next evening.

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